Pubs / Clubs are you throwing away Money?

In an age where recycling is important, waste is becoming a commodity.  New businesses are springing up every day which buy and sell business waste.  Glass, paper, plastics, and a whole myriad of materials we regularly throw away could be used to bring in a second income. The bottom line is that if you’re not selling your business waste to a waste collector, you are probably throwing away cash.  This article explains the nuts and bolts of selling your waste for a profit.

The Circular Economy and Pubs and Clubs

The idea of the circular economy is that waste that goes to landfill is reduced to zero.  Although in reality we are a long way from achieving a zero waste culture, we are a lot further around the track than we were a few years ago, and new methods of recycling are being developed all the time.

Glass, together with paper is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet.  It is easy to melt down and reshape.  Although in the UK we recycle 60% of glass waste, pubs and clubs are still throwing away two hundred thousand tonnes of glass every year.  That is to say this glass is going to landfill where it is buried in the ground.  This harms the environment, and it is waste that could be making you a tidy sum.

How do I make Money from Recycling Glass?

To sell glass and other recyclable materials as a commodity, there a few steps you need to perform.   See below:

Step 1 – Develop a system to separate your waste glass

Investing in a few bins for each colour of glass you have is important.  Waste collectors will only buy and collect glass that has been sorted by colour.  Clearly labelled bins and staff training should get you up and running quickly.  Most people approve of reducing CO2, so introducing new working procedures to separate glass will probably be well received.

Ensure you know the volume of your containers for waste glass.  Glass is bought by the tonne, so knowing exactly how much waste you have will put you in a good position to negotiate a good price.

Step 2 – Discover the value of your glass

Once you have your glass ready to go, it is a good practice to discover how much it is worth.  Like other commodities the value of waste changes all the time.  So if you sold your glass for £50 per tonne this month, a few months time your glass could be worth £70 per tonne. 

To keep track of the price of business waste, access the waste stock market.  This will put you in a good position to negotiate a good deal.

Step 3 – Find a Waste Collector

Most cities and towns are now within easy reach of a waste collector.  They operate by collecting the waste, and if it is valuable to them, they buy it.  As you will already know the price of your waste you will be in a good position to negotiate a good deal.

The Green Alchemist

To help you bring these elements together download the Green Alchemist App.  It plugs directly into the waste stock market, and it gives you the location and contact details of waste collectors in your area for different types of materials.  Register now by clicking here and completing the form.  It is time to stop throwing away cash.

 Source: Recycle now