Sellers of Recyclable Materials

  • Single Pane Glass - whole panes

    Single Pane Glass - whole panes
    Single Pane glass 
    Location: Boston
  • Plastic bottles, plastic gallons of water jugs, plastic cake cover, and plastic bowls

    Plastic bottles, plastic gallons of water jugs, plastic cake cover, and plastic bowls
    These items pictures are plastic waste that can be reused for almos...
    Location: Coatesville
  • 3.2mm Glass panels

    3.2mm Glass panels
    Brand New 3.2mm glass panels for sale. Previously used in the manuf...
    Location: Birmingham
  • Wray & nephew box and bottles 70cl/1 litres

    Wray & nephew box and bottles 70cl/1 litres
    About 140 boxes mixed with Glass bottles 1 litre and 70cl cardboar...
    Location: tower hamlets
  • Approximately 1 tonne of flat glass

    Approximately 1 tonne of flat glass
    Approximately 1 tonne of flat glass, varying shapes and sizes. Any...
    Location: Westgate-on-Sea

    Lots of double glazed window glass, some double glazed smoked conse...
    Location: Gwernesney, Usk
  • Cardboard

    We have 7,492 branded boxes, 407mm x 303mm x 141mm which equates to...
    Location: EXETER
  • Beer Glass Drinking

    Beer Glass Drinking
    Hi, I have some beer drinking glasses that I would like to recycle ...
    Location: London
  • glass

    Style:     Syrup Alpha 45ML Shape:    Cross Sect...
    Location: PADDOCK WOOD
  • Tempered Glass Shelving panes

    Tempered Glass Shelving panes
    Approximately 5-10 tonnes of tempered glass shelving panels. Appro...
    Location: Basildon

    Buyers of Recyclable Materials

    • Interested in Glass

      Interested in some glass
      Location: Gravesend
    • Buyer of glass bottles

       If you are a pub or restaurant looki...
      Location: Hove
    • Buyer of Cardboard - UK

      We are the largest processors of used...
      Location: Birmingham
    • Buyer of Cardboard - Newark

      We’re here to help companies reduce t...
      Location: Newark
    • Buyer of Cardboard - Lincolnshire

      For companies who generate industrial...
      Location: Brandon
    • Buyer of Cardboard - UK

      Please note only customers with regul...
      Location: Heworth Green
    • Buyer of Cardboard - UK

      We have been purchasing baled cardboa...
      Location: Sittingbourne
    • Buyer of Cardboard, Plastic and Paper - UK

      Our focus on waste solutions separate...
      Location: Hadlow
    • Old Lap Tops And PC's

      If you are a business or someone that...
      Location: Runcorn
    • Metal Buyer

      We buy metals from garage's, factorie...
      Location: Runcorn

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      Do you buy or collect recyclable waste?

      We a Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers just like eBay or Amazon, but we are a marketplace for buyers and sellers of recyclable waste. We don’t buy recyclable waste, but you can find buyers and sellers in our marketplace. Or you can use our directory to find buyers in your area. Furthermore, you can use our Waste Stock Market to find out how much your waste is worth before deciding to sell it or give it away. Use discount code GREENMONTH to get your first month free, and cancel anytime you want.

      How do I list our recyclable waste in your Marketplace?

      Once you have registered, you only have to complete a form ( 

      Tips for getting a faster and more accurate quote

      • Take picture of your recyclable waste
      • Provide quantity or weight estimate
      • Describe the condition of your waste
      • Include the address where your recyclable waste is located
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      Why do I need to separate waste?

      Separated waste is worth more than co-mingled waste. Every year, 30% of recyclable materials are sent to landfills because they have been contaminated. For example, paper sorted from collection points is often commingled with other materials such as cans or glass. If it was separated, this could all be recycled.

      Paper reprocessors need paper that has been specifically separated and are prepared to pay to get this. The same goes for companies who reprocess glass and cans. If you sort your waste, you can reduce contamination and increase value.

      To help you separate your waste, you can buy recycling bags and bins. The Green Pod is a patented recycling bag and it’s great for hotels and offices. Meanwhile, the Rubbermaid Recycling trolley is excellent for the collection and storage of waste in buildings with multiple offices. Home Recycling also has a wide range of recycling bins.