How to Make Money and Sell Scrap Metal


Scrap metals of all kinds are highly desired materials.  Engineering businesses up and down the country want your scrap metal and in some cases are willing to buy it.  The secret to determine who is interested in your scrap metal is to find waste couriers who want it.  To do this quickly and efficiently, we have developed The Green Alchemist.  A business tool that will help you increase your revenue, save time, and help you contribute to the zero waste economy and fight climate change.

Here is how The Green Alchemist works

  • You register with The Green Alchemist.  You can do so here
  • You search for the material you want to recycle.  So for example say your scrap metal was steel, you would search for steel.  There are no limits on materials you can search for
  • The Green Alchemist searches for waste couriers on both a local and national level, so no matter where you are in the country you will find a waste courier who is in the market for your scrap metal
  • The Green Alchemist provides full contact details of every waste courier that wants your scrap metal
  • You receive the current price for your scrap metal.  This can be drilled down so you can ascertain prices for all metals you are recycling.  Some couriers may give you better prices for different metals
  • You contact the waste couriers that want your scrap and negotiate

Waste Couriers and how they operate

Waste couriers are an industry that has grown thanks to the demand of recycled materials.  Their business works by finding scrap metals and other recyclables and then finding companies that want to buy it.  The more in demand a material the better price they can get, and the more competitive they become over how they purchase and or acquire it.  At the very least you should be able to negotiate free collection of your waste, saving significantly on local authority collections.


Once you have your waste regularly collected you can then use this to market your products and services.  Most people want to feel good and save the planet, and this extra USP gives them a feeling of wellbeing when they purchase.  It can also be used to show continuous improvement as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility audit and comply with legislation. 

Separating your Scrap Metal by Type

It is a good idea to get into the habit of separating your scrap metal by type especially if you have a lot of it.  Waste couriers will probably insist upon it, especially if they are willing to buy it.  As a result, getting your teams in the mindset to sort waste is a good move.  Business that recycle most of their waste, build it into workflow so it does not become a forgotten task and so they can regulate that it is being done.

Register to The Green Alchemist

Register to The Green Alchemist today.  You’ll be cutting costs, increasing revenue, saving the world, and contributing to the zero waste economy.