How to Make Money and Sell Plastic

Plastic, is an in demand commodity sought after by waste couriers who sell it on to be reengineered.  Plastic of all types together with other types of waste can often be sold or at least collected from your business premises for free.  Once you have contacted a waste courier, selling plastic to those that want to buy it becomes simpler.

This is where The Green Alchemist can help you make money from your waste plastic.  

After creating an account, The Green Alchemist will:

  • Help you find waste couriers who are interested in buying your scrap plastic on a local and national level
  • Provides full contact details for those waste couriers
  • You can determine if there is a market for your waste and the going rate is for it
  • Minimises the time it takes to find waste couriers considerably

Waste Couriers and Waste Plastic

Waste couriering is a rising industry driven by the battle to offset climate change, and the fact that waste has become a profitable commodity.  More and more waste couriers are signing up to The Green Alchemist.  It is rapidly becoming the must have business tool, and one that can turn your waste plastic into a revenue stream.

Plastic is one of the most recycled materials on earth.  Plastic bottles are a 100% recycled.  Other plastic items are recycled all the time and every year we develop new ways to recycle waste plastic, minimising what goes to landfill.

Why do Waste Couriers want to Buy your Plastic?

Plastic is a material that in some forms can be 100% recycled and one that concerns climate change experts.  It is believed that by 2050 our seas will contain more than plastic than fish.  This worrying statistic, and the fact that making effective biodegradable plastic is not easy, shows us why more and more business want your scrap plastic.

Separating your Plastic from other Waste

To make your plastic more marketable it is always a good idea to separate your waste plastic by type.  This increases your chances of having your waste plastic collected.  At the very least, once your waste plastic is separated and being collected by a waste courier,  you will save money on your local authority collection costs.  It is a good idea to talk to your waste courier about this, to identify the best way to separate your plastic and to see what other waste can be collected. 

After Recycling your Waste Plastic Tell the World

Businesses that contribute to the zero waste economy use it to market their products and services and so should you.  It is a factor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental industry standard awards.

You can use this to market your products and services.  We all want to save the planet and you may just sway a few extra customers and clients your way when you tell people about your efforts.

Register with The Green Alchemist now

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