How to Save Money on Waste Management Costs

The Green Alchemist makes it Easy and Fast to Cut Waste Management Costs

Waste management is both a headache and a growth industry.  Perhaps moreover, waste management is an opportunity and for many businesses up and down the length of Britain, an untapped one.

The Cost of Waste Management

Waste management is a cost as local authorities charge you for waste collections.  This is a cost that can be reduced perhaps removed providing you can find waste couriers that want your recyclable waste.  Depending on what you discard, they may even buy it from you, giving you a competitive price.

The best way to determine what materials waste couriers want is to register with The Green Alchemist.  As soon as you do you can:

  • Use The Green Alchemist’s advanced search functions to find waste couriers who want your waste on a local and national level
  • Determine whether your waste has value and what price you can expect to receive
  • Receive the full contact details of your chosen waste couriers
  • You can contact the waste couriers and negotiate

What can my Business Recycle?

Every month more and more materials can be recycled.  Here is a snapshot:

  • Office waste of all types including paper, cans, bottles, IT equipment, electrical equipment, cardboard, food, yoghurt pots
  • Scrap metal including aluminium, tin, steel, copper, and brass
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Rubber

The list is endless.  Given the demand from businesses throughout the country, you will probably find you can recycle at least half of what you currently throw away.  Think of the cost savings you could make and you might be able to sell it!

Getting your Business Ready to Recycle

It is fair to say that many of us are happy to recycle as we all want to fight climate change.  You will find that most of your staff are happy to start separating waste rather than just throwing it in the bin.  You will find that most waste couriers will insist upon waste being sorted by type.  Building the separation of waste into workflow will help you ensure it is done and help you regulate it.

Recyclable Materials are in Demand

Businesses now want to work with as much recyclable material as possible.  It helps them comply with legislation and adhere to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.  They also, like you, want to contribute positively and cost effectively to the zero waste economy.  By using The Green Alchemist you can do the same.

Becoming Green helps you Attract Customers and Clients

Once you start using The Green Alchemist you can use your green credentials in your marketing.  You will find that you will attract customers and clients who value your contribution to the zero waste economy, and will want to do business with you.  They will get a feeling of wellbeing from buying your services and products.  So with this in mind, register now.

Register now with The Green Alchemist and Save money on Waste Collections

To improve your waste management and start benefiting from becoming a green business, register now with The Green Alchemist.  It is time to cut costs and sell your office waste.