How to Make Money and Sell Cans

In Britain, we use millions and millions of cans each year.  Around twenty four million tonnes of aluminium are used to make cans, and other metals such as steel and zinc are used to make cans too.   It is estimated that we throw away £36,000,000 of aluminium each year, much of which is used to make cans.  Given that the metals that comprise cans are a 100% recyclable in under two months, it is no surprise to learn that waste cans are in demand.

Selling your Waste Cans

No matter how many cans you get through in a day your business could be sitting on a revenue stream.  Selling your waste cans is also a lot easier than you think thanks largely to The Green Alchemist.

The Green Alchemist is becoming a must-have business tool.  Within minutes you can locate waste couriers that want your scrap cans, and should demand be high, offer you a price for them.  Here is how The Green Alchemist works:

  • You register with The Green Alchemist so you’re all set
  • You search for the materials you want to recycle
  • The Green Alchemist pulls through details of waste couriers locally and nationally that want scrap cans
  • The Green Alchemist gives you pricing information about your waste
  • You receive full contact details for the waste couriers
  • You contact them and negotiate

The Green Alchemist saves bundles of time on internet and Yellow Pages searches, giving everything you need to recycle your cans in the push of a button.

Waste Courier Industry

The waste courier industry has grown over recent times.  With businesses happy to pay for scrap and recyclable waste, and more and more businesses wanting to have their waste such as cans collected to minimise local authority collection costs, waste couriers have emerged all over the country.  They make money by collecting waste and selling it on to the businesses that want it.  If demand is high for your waste cans, then they will pay you to collect it.  At the very least they will collect it together with other materials for free.

This has been further driven by legislation and Corporate Social Responsibility.  In fact once you start using The Green Alchemist you can use it to show improvement on how much you recycle.

Marketing your Business

Once you start recycling your waste you can use this to market your business.  We all want to save the planet and more and more people are looking to purchase eco friendly products, and buy services from business that recycle as much as they can.  You can help give your customers and clients a sense of wellbeing by marketing your recycling efforts.

Register now for The Green Alchemist

To make all of this happen, it all starts by registering with the Green Alchemist.  You can improve your revenue streams through selling your waste cans, and or have them collected for free saving money on local authority collections.  Register now and sell your scrap cans.