5 Ways the Waste Stock Market Helps Businesses Sell their Waste

Make Money from your Business Waste

With the increase in waste couriers comes an opportunity to sell your business waste.  The process is fairly straight forward; you separate sellable waste from your normal rubbish, and then find a company who wants to buy it.  In this post we explore how the Green Alchemist app helps you accomplish this goal providing you with an additional revenue stream.

Get the full picture on the price of your business waste

One aspect which is very important for maximising your revenue stream when you sell business waste is to get the full picture on price.  If you are unfamiliar with the value of green glass for example, you could be offered a below market price.  This puts you at a disadvantage when you negotiate the deal.

Discovering the market price for your waste could not be easier with the Green Alchemist.  You simply enter the waste category, the specific material, and how much you have in kilograms or tonnes.  Green Alchemist shows you the current price and the price the month before.  The app utilises market intelligence to show you whether the price is rising or falling. 

For example, right now by selecting the Recovered Glass category and Green Glass for material.  I can see it is currently valued at £10 per ton. Last month it was worth just over £14 ton.

This information will help you sell your business waste for the right amount.

Auction your waste to the highest bidder

To drive up the price of your business waste, why not sell it to the highest bidder?  Green Alchemist allows you to create an online eBay style auction.  This is a very good option if you have several interested parties in your business waste and you want to get the best price.

Find buyers for your business waste

The app has been designed to make finding buyers of business waste easy.  Simply by selecting your area or postcode, together with the waste you are looking to sell, it will give you a map showing you where waste couriers, reprocessors, and recycling centres are located in your local area.

The app also shows what materials they might be interested in buying, and contact details.

Save Time Using Green Alchemist

If your business discards a lot of waste packaging, then finding good reprocessors is going to be high on your list of priorities.  Again, the Green Alchemist app will help you find local reprocessors to contact.  You can search for them using the search facilities on the map page. 

The app also applies the same precision in helping you find waste couriers for your particular type of business waste. 

This time saving facility will allow you to contact the necessary parties quickly, and free up your time to run your business.

Thinking Outside of the Box

As well as showing you possible buyers for your business waste on a local level, adjusting the search tools will show you possible buyers from all over the country.  If your business waste is particularly valuable, waste couriers could be willing to travel to collect it.  So if you're based in the South East, selling business waste to someone in Manchester should not be ruled out.

Discover Green Alchemist

If you are serious about recycling your business waste, then finding entities to sell it to is a must.  Register for the Green Alchemist today and create an additional revenue stream and stop throwing money away.