How to Make Money and Sell Aluminium

Sell Aluminium Scrap and increase your Revenue Streams

Aluminium, like most metals is sought after by industry.  The material is strong and lightweight and is used in thousands of engineering applications.  If your business regularly discards aluminium in the course of its operations, then you could be throwing away money.  At The Green Alchemist we can show you how to sell your Aluminium for a profit, opening up a potential revenue stream for your business.

How you can sell your Aluminium Scrap for Profit

The trick to selling aluminium is to find businesses that want to buy it.  As you can imagine, new businesses called waste couriers have become established, and these will collect waste of all types and sell it to those that want it.  By registering with The Green Alchemist you can find waste couriers that specialise in collecting aluminium from your business.  Demand being high, they may well pay you to collect it.

The Green Alchemist will:

  • Find waste couriers that are prepared to come and collect your waste.  This saves you a lot of time transporting your aluminium to those that want it
  • Find waste couriers local and national easily and quickly
  • Minimise your waste collection costs.  At the very least you will save money as less waste will be collected by local authorities
  • Help you discover if there is a market for your waste.  You can discover if your aluminium is valuable and how much you can sell it for.  You can also discover the going rate for your waste such as aluminium
  • As well as cutting costs and increasing revenue you will be saving the planet.  You can use this fact to market your own business, and to gain points in sustainability audits

The Rise of Waste Couriers and Buying and Selling Aluminium

As we learn more about global warming and come up with more ingenious ways to stop it, the demand for recyclable metals has risen considerably.  Metals such as aluminium now command a premium price and engineering businesses will buy aluminium as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy.  It is cheaper than smelting raw materials to create aluminium, so you will find that many engineering companies want to buy scrap aluminium from those that do not need it.

Make it Easy to sell your Scrap Aluminium

To sell your aluminium to buyers easily we strongly advise that you separate your aluminium as much as possible.  Waste couriers love it when the waste is divided by type especially where metals are concerned as this makes it easier to collect.   It also makes it easier for them to assess its value.

If you have various metals, sort them all by type. This will help you sell all your scrap metals to waste couriers.

Register Now with The Green Alchemist

To turn your scrap aluminium into a viable profit, and find waste couriers want to buy your scrap, click here and Register Now.  The sooner you do the sooner you can sell your scrap aluminium, make a profit, and save the planet.  Join us!