How to Make Money and Sell Brass

Brass is used in a variety of engineering applications and as such engineering companies are always looking to recycle scrap brass, and are willing to pay good money for it.  If you discard brass in course of your operations, you could potentially sell your brass and make money.

To help you sell your brass we have developed The Green Alchemist.  Our tool has been designed to help promote the zero waste economy by helping businesses discover ways to recycle their waste, including brass.

Here’s how it works:

  • You register with The Green Alchemist , you can do so here
  • You search for the material you want to recycle, in this case it is brass
  • The Green Alchemist works its magic and provides you with full contact details of waste couriers who are in the market for scrap brass on a local and national level
  • The Green Alchemist gives you the current price for your brass
  • You contact the waste courier and negotiate

The Green Alchemist saves hours on online and Yellow Pages searches, and within a few minutes you can open a dialogue with waste couriers who want your brass.

Waste Couriers

Waste mining is an industry that has grown in the last decade.  Due to the emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes and legislation, businesses that can show they are recycling score more points on audits and satisfy auditors.  It is not just about ticking boxes, however, as most human beings want to fight climate change and do their bit.  Many businesses now want to recycle their waste as part of a wider world view.

Waste couriers are licensed collectors of waste, and these companies have businesses that are in the market for a particular kind.  When you search for brass on The Green Alchemist, the waste couriers shown all have a buyer for your scrap brass.  This is how the waste courier business works.

Negotiating with your Waste Courier

Waste couriers may or may not offer you a price for your brass.  At the very least, however, they should come and collect it for free.  They may ask you to separate your waste by type, and if you can do this the more likely they are to come and collect it.  Once you are recycling scrap brass and other materials and have waste couriers coming to collect it, you are not only contributing to the zero waste economy, you are also saving money on local authority collection costs. 

If things go well, you will be selling your scrap brass and other materials and making a profit.

Selling Brass and Making a Profit

As well as making a profit through recycling your scrap brass, you can use the fact that you do to market your business, making it more appealing to your customers and clients.  This can be the factor that wins you new business from a competitor, so ensure you advertise the fact that you are recycling as much waste as possible.

It all Starts with The Green Alchemist

 To start selling your brass and making a profit register now with The Green Alchemist.  Boost your revenue and save the world.