How to Make Money and Sell Copper

Copper is quite simply a wonderful metal as it is very good at conducting heat and electricity.  Electrical wiring is one of its chief applications and as such is often in demand by waste couriers, who will often pick up electrical items and sell the copper to engineering companies that want it.

The Green Alchemist can help you sell your unwanted scrap copper, minimising your waste collection costs.

How do I sell my Scrap Copper?

Selling scrap copper from scratch can be a hit and miss affair, and many hours can be spent conducting online searches or leafing through The Yellow Pages.  To help you sell your scrap copper and hopefully make a profit, we have developed The Green Alchemist, a site dedicated to saving the planet through simply making it easy to find the right waste courier for your waste.  You can register here now.

How does The Green Alchemist help my Business Sell Scrap Copper?

After registering you will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily find local and national waste couriers interested in buying scrap copper and other metals and waste.  The Green Alchemist provides full contact details of the waste couriers
  • Discover how much your copper is worth
  • Minimise local authority waste collection costs.  The more scrap copper, metal, and other types of waste you can recycle the less you pay in collection charges
  • Use your recycling endeavours to market your business and show a positive contribution to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the zero waste economy
  • Providing your scrap copper is valuable, you can sell copper together with other metals and waste of value for a profit

Why do Waste Couriers want to Buy your Scrap Copper

Scrap copper together with other metals and waste in general are in demand for several reasons.  Here is a snapshot of what those reasons are:

  • Copper is a material with thousands of applications and is needed around the world
  • More and more businesses are trying to positively contribute to the zero waste economy in an effort to fight climate change
  • Many businesses need to show a positive contribution to sustainability as part of their Corporate Sustainability Policy (CSR), in fact by selling your waste you are doing exactly this and can use it as part of your CSR policy
  • Using recycled copper can be cheaper than buying in new supplies
  • Using recycled scrap copper is great PR for many businesses

All of this is driving demand for waste scrap copper and if your business discards copper in course of its operations, then you are probably throwing away cash or at the very least a chance of cutting costs on waste collections.

Start Selling your Scrap Copper – Register Now with The Green Alchemist

Over the last decade we have made great leaps on how we recycle waste such as copper, and the time to enter your scrap copper into the market has come.  Register today with The Green Alchemist and start contributing to the zero waste economy.  Join us!