How to make money and sell your Steel


Steel like most metals is used in thousands of applications worldwide.  Drink cans for example are made up of a steel-tin compound which is a 100% recyclable.  As such, there is a massive demand for your scrap steel, whether be from engineering scrap or discarded drink cans.  If your business generates steel scrap, then you could be sitting on a commodity rather than rubbish.

How to sell your Scrap Steel

It is easier than ever before to sell your scrap steel.  You can simply register with The Green Alchemist, and then you will have access to everything you need to sell your scrap steel, other metals, together with recyclable waste your business generates.

All you have to do is:

  • Visit The Green Alchemist and register
  • Use the search tools to find waste couriers who want your scrap steel both locally and nationally
  • You can determine the value of your steel so you won’t be ripped off over price, should someone offer to buy your steel at a value lower than the market rate
  • Arrange collection of your waste steel
  • And that’s it.  This is not just limited to scrap steel, but metals of all kinds together with other recyclable waste.

Reducing Waste Collection Costs

Through finding waste couriers to collect your unwanted scrap steel you will save money on local authority waste collection costs.  With a little thought, you can minimise what waste is collected by your local authority through using The Green Alchemist and developing policies that promote recycling in your business.

Separating your Scrap Steel from other Metals is Important

To get the most from scrap steel it is important to separate it from other metals.  Waste couriers will probably insist upon it especially if they are offering to buy it.  It is a good idea to incorporate good recycling policies into your business so this can be done quickly without disruption to workflow.

Why is Scrap Steel in Demand?

Scrap steel is in demand for the following reasons:

  • Steel is a material that is easy to recycle and because it is essential to industries throughout the world, as such recycled steel is a must have commodity
  • Steel is very easy to recycle and in some cases, all of the steel can be recycled and put back into circulation
  • Using recycled scrap steel is a great way for business to show commitment to the zero waste economy and to show their actions are in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy
  • Using recycled scrap steel creates good marketing and PR opportunity.  You should consider this when you recycle  your own scrap steel
  • More and more businesses want to save the planet

Keep your Scrap Steel out of the Landfill

To ensure your scrap steel is not polluting a landfill register with The Green Alchemist now!  The sooner you do the sooner the many business benefits of recycling scrap steel will be realised.