However efficient your operations are business waste is an unavoidable by product of any activity. This could comprise anything from paper and plastic packaging to metals and batteries, or furniture or technology that has been upgraded. Whatever your business, what is waste to you will very likely have value to someone else.

Sorting business waste for efficiency and economy

Any material or product no longer of use in your business becomes waste and takes up valuable space on your premises. In an efficient operation it makes sense to sort and store waste prior to collection or disposal in an organised way.  But, did you know that taking a little bit of extra time and care to sort and separate your waste could increase its value? Every year about 30% of recyclable waste ends up in landfill due to contamination, when, given a bit of extra care in sorting at point of disposal it could have been recycled. 

How to sort your business waste

Any reprocessor will require waste to be sorted to ensure they can maintain a quality product and sorted waste commands higher prices. Below we set out how to sort your waste to satisfy recyclers:

  • Paper contaminated with plastic, food waste or anything else from a mixed box will end up in landfill – so keep paper clean and separate.
  • Glass needs to be sorted by colour into clear, brown and green as re-melting glass to make new containers requires a high level of purity. Mixed or crushed glass cannot be used for re-melting, and is usually sold much cheaper for use as aggregate.
  • Plastics are complex as they have differing chemical properties. There is no law stating that plastics should be marked by type, but the British Plastic Federation recommends a recognised marking system. You may see markings on some products and packaging, however when recycling plastic your contractor should advise you on how to sort your waste.

Other materials like metal, textiles and batteries can all be recycled and should be sorted prior to collection. So, to command the best price for your rubbish – simply spend a few minutes sorting it to your contractors’ requirements.

Keeping business waste separate

To reduce risk of contamination, and for a tidy and efficient operation, it is important waste is separated as soon as it is produced. Recycling bags and bins on the market are designed to help businesses separate, store and transport recyclable waste cleanly and tidily. The Green Pod by Element Green Recycling ltd is a portable, re-usable recycling bag that separates waste and an effective solution for hotels and offices. The Rubbermaid recycling trolley is perfect for the collection and storage of recyclable waste in big buildings with multiple offices. You will find Home Recycling has a wide range of office recycling bins ideal for separating waste.

Turning surplus equipment from business waste to income

Alongside recylables, product upgrades may leave you with surplus stock, equipment upgrades and relocations with furniture, phones and computers you no longer need. None of this need go to waste. The Green Alchemist app has an auction facility which enables you to sell office furniture, electronic goods and recyclable materials. Register with us and we can help you turn all of your business waste into an income stream.