Sell your Business Waste and comply with Legislation

Business waste is becoming a valuable commodity.  Providing you have the right connections you can make money through selling your business waste to the right people.  In this post, I discuss how you can sell your waste for recycling; discussing the importance of sorting your company waste, and how to contact the right people who may be interested in buying the waste your business produces.

As well as gaining additional revenue streams, you are also in a position to save money on waste collections.  Unlike council tax which covers the cost of refuse collections, for businesses it is a different scenario entirely. 

You are responsible for arranging the collection of your business waste as it is not covered by local authority council tax.  This is an inescapable expensive cost.  Having a company come in and collect your sorted waste and pay you for it, not only gets around the cost, it could provide you with an additional revenue stream. 

The Importance of Sorting your Business Waste

To sell your business waste it is important that you sort it into like for like categories.  It is estimated that around 30% of recycled materials goes to landfill rather than being reused due to contamination.  For example, if you are trying to sell waste paper, you stand a better chance if the paper is separate to other forms of waste such as glass, cans, and food waste.

Should the paper become contaminated, it becomes impossible to recycle and as such becomes worthless to a waste courier.  Therefore keeping business waste contaminate free is important.

Therefore, to be able to sell on your waste, you need to have facilities to separate your recyclable materials.  This will drive up the value.

How to Separate your Waste

In the first instance you want to identify what can be recycled.  As a guide think about what you recycle at home in the first instance.  Therefore separate:

  • Paper
  • Glass by colour - so clear, green, and brown all separated
  • Plastic containers - milk cartons, juice cartons, soup cartons etc
  • Cans - think about drink cans, food tins, etc
  • Textiles - your company may discard material such as silk, cotton, etc
  • Electronics - Again, if you can sort it you can sell it
  • Ink cartridges from printers

As far as possible you want to ensure your business waste is clean.

Once you have decided what to recycle, you then will need several forms of storage.  There are some good products on the market, and some aimed at specific businesses such as offices and hotels. 

Once you have established what your business can separate, it is time to contact local waste couriers to see what they are prepared to pay for or discount.

To give yourself an advantage in waste courier negotiations, use the "Waste Stock Market" facility on the Green Alchemist app.  It will give you up to date pricing information on the value of your waste.  This puts you in a better price negotiation position and ensures you are protected against low pricing.

Understanding the Business Waste Courier Market

Waste couriers are becoming increasingly common throughout the UK.  Most specialise in which waste they collect and are prepared to buy.  Any waste courier you do business with should provide /sell you an electronic packaging recovery note (ePRN) and an electronic packaging export recovery note (ePERN) to comply with legislation.

The problem you will face without a facility such as the Waste Stock Market is that you do not know if you are getting a good deal.  You probably have no idea how much your business waste is worth and as such you do not have an idea on how much you should sell it for.  You are in a vulnerable position.

Apps can help you sell your Business Waste

To help you sell your recyclable materials, apps (and web-apps) have emerged to help you sell your business waste.  The better apps show you how much your waste is worth on the market, and shows you a list of local waste couriers who are prepared to buy it and or collect it.  They give you control of the deal.  Some even facilitate auctions to try and drive up the price of your waste. 

The Green Alchemist is one such app and is successfully helping business sell their waste.  So, sell your business waste now, click here to register and get the app.