How to Make Money and Sell Paper & Cardboard

The recycling industry continues to grow and one of the most in demand materials is paper and cardboard.  As a material, they are quite easy to recycle, and as such there are plenty of businesses to take yours off your hands.  So how do you start selling your unwanted paper and cardboard?

Waste Couriers

The first thing to do is to contact waste couriers who are in the market for your paper and cardboard.  They will be able to give you a price if they are prepared to pay for it, or they will give you a collection time and instructions on how to separate your waste.  The latter is important as it increases the chances of the waste being collected and thus saving money on local authority collections.

So how do I sell my waste paper and cardboard?

The easiest way to find waste couriers is to register with The Green Alchemist.  You can then find waste couriers quickly and easily that are interested in your waste on a local and national level.  You will also be able to:

  • Discover if your cardboard and paper is valuable and the going rate you can expect for it
  • Get the full contact details of the waste courier straight away
  • Sort your waste by the type of paper and cardboard you have
  • Wait for your waste courier to collect it

This saves lots of time from conducting online searches and leafing through the Yellow Pages.  Waste couriers tend to specialise and researching each one to see what they take eats into your day.  Unless of course, you are using The Green Alchemist, in which case it takes seconds.

Saving Money on Local Authority Collections

Should your waste not have value, it is still possible to cut costs for your organisation.  Many waste couriers will take your waste for free providing the waste is sorted by type. For paper this often involves separating cardboard from other types of paper.   This reduces the amount of waste collected by your local authority and as such cuts costs.

Why is Waste Paper and Cardboard in such Demand?

There are several factors driving the demand for waste paper.  They are:

  • Paper and cardboard are easy points to score on Corporate Responsibility (CSR) audits.  This has driven up demand for recycled paper and as such companies that make recycled paper are always on the lookout for sources of paper and cardboard
  • Companies that use recycled paper and cardboard can use it to market their goods and services and promote a better brand image
  • To comply with legislation
  • They genuinely want to positively contribute to the zero-waste economy and fight climate change

Register for the Green Alchemist Today

As well as helping to fight climate change you will also be cutting costs at the very least.  You may well be able to sell your waste paper and cardboard, so register with the Green Alchemist and sell your waste for a profit.