The average hotel guest creates 1kg of waste per night, a huge amount when multiplied by the number of guests. The Green Alchemist enables hoteliers to offset this wastage efficiently whilst also reducing costs. For as little as £9.99 p/m the app, an innovation by Element Green Recycling, enables users to find up-to-date material prices and discover how much their sorted recycling is worth on the burgeoning waste stock market.

By simply inputting their postcode and the total weight of sorted recycling, hotels may learn how much their waste is worth and either auction it to waste couriers or receive quotes for collection.

Waste couriers - for whom the app is free during the first year - can find hotels with sorted recyclable waste and bid to buy or collect this material. The app may also be used to sell office furniture and electronic goods, as well as recyclable materials; and enables businesses to negotiate better contracts with waste management companies, saving money and time.

Element Green Recycling has also pioneered the Green Pod, a portable, re-usable recycling bag. Each bag has individual pods that separate and store recyclables cleanly and tidily. The insides are fully wipeable and provide more options than a standard bin. When used alongside the Rubbermaid recycling trolley, hotel staff can transfer recyclables from the Green Pod directly to the trolley and transport them to a wheelie bin.

Hotels using the Green Pod may also benefit by paying less in general waste collection when more rubbish is recycled. The recyclables collected from guest rooms, common areas, back-of-house and offices may be taken to your local recycling centre, reducing your waste collection costs.

The rewards of having an efficient recycling policy in your hotel quickly outweigh the start-up costs. A Green Pod in each hotel room lowers waste management costs and improves a hotel's environmental credentials. The Green Pod comes in different sizes and colours, so you may choose a model suiting the interior design of your hotel rooms.

Element Green Recycling CEO Ayo Isinkaye says: "Due to the high demand for uncontaminated recyclables from the reprocessing industry, we have identified a market opportunity for businesses to make money out of their sorted, recyclable waste. We're confident the app will empower hotels, ensuring they get the best possible value for their waste."

Element Green Recycling ltd (EGR) was established in 2009 in order to revolutionise the way we recycle. We believe recycling should be both simple and profitable for businesses.

Simon Hughes, Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties, commented: "In a country still not meeting the challenge of the level of recycling needed, I think the Green Pod is easy to use and for certain people in certain places, whether home or work, it will make for an easier recycling life."

Notes to editors

Element Green Recycling is an environmental company founded to help the public recycle, reduce and reuse their waste with its slogan 'Helping you make recycling second nature' at the core of the business. The company also sells innovative and stylish green products from around the world as well as greener alternatives to everyday items.

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