PRESS RELEASE - 11 February 2015

A new web app promises to make recycling more financially rewarding for businesses according to its developers Element Green Recycling.

The innovative new Green Alchemist provides the latest material prices enabling businesses to find out how much their sorted recycling is worth on the waste stock market for as little as £9.99 a month.

Businesses can input their postcode and the weight of their recyclable materials to find out how much they are worth and either auction this material to waste couriers nearby or receive quotes for it to be collected. In turn, waste couriers can access the app for free for the first year to find businesses with sorted recyclable waste in their area and bid to buy or collect this material. The app's auction facility can also be used to sell office furniture and electronic goods as well as recyclable materials.

The Green Alchemist provides information about recycling and products that help businesses recycle more and reduce the amount of waste they produce to save money. In addition, information from the app can help businesses negotiate better contracts with waste management companies.

Householders can also use the app to find out information about recycling in their area and nearby facilities such as recycling banks and household waste recycling centres.

Element Green Recycling's CEO Ayo Isinkaye said: "Due to the high demand for uncontaminated recyclables from the reprocessing industry we have identified a market opportunity for businesses to make money from their sorted recyclable waste.

"We are confident the app will empower businesses to ensure they realise the best possible value for their waste."

The Green Alchemist has been developed with funding from Ordnance Survey's GeoVation. Chris Parker, Head of Ordnance Survey's GeoVation programme, said: "GeoVation Challenges seek innovative ideas that use geography to address real problems. We help support these ideas through funding and additional help. Green Alchemist was chosen as a GeoVation Challenge winner because we were excited by its potential to improve the environmental performance of businesses. The Green Alchemist app connects businesses to recycling companies through OS mapping, enabling them to recycle waste in a profitable way. We look forward to seeing how Green Alchemist develops."

London-based Element Green Recycling was launched in 2005. Its first product was the Green Pod, a bag designed to separate, store and transport recycled materials. Made from recycled plastic, the patented Green Pods are reusable and ideal for use in the home, at work, in hotel rooms and at caravan parks. They can be zipped up and carried to recycling points and centres before the individual pods are removed and emptied.

The Green Pods have come to attention of Element Green Recycling's local MP Simon Hughes, Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties, who commented: "In a country still not meeting the challenge of the level of recycling needed, I think the Green Pod is easy to use and for certain people in certain places, whether home or work, it will make for an easier recycling life."


Notes to editors

Element Green Recycling is an environmental company founded to help the public recycle, reduce and reuse their waste with its slogan 'Helping you make recycling second nature' at the core of the business. The company also sells innovative and stylish green products from around the world as well as greener alternatives to everyday items.

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