How can your software help my business make money?

Our software helps you sort your waste and sell it to waste couriers. Input your postcode and the weight of your waste and we’ll tell you how much it’s worth – plus the contact details of couriers near you.

Our auction facility also helps you sell valuable waste such as unwanted office furniture or electrical equipment. You might not want it, but someone else will.

We also give you the details of local waste couriers which means you can shop around and negotiate the best price.

How much does recycling cost?

It varies, but the chances are you’re paying too much. The cost depends on how much you are doing, where you’re located and the types of materials you recycle. If you’re not sorting your waste, you could be spending more than you need to.

How can I reduce that cost?

Shop around. Find out who will recycle waste in your area and get some quotes. Use your current costs as a benchmark and go from there. Once you start looking at your recycling you should be able to reduce the amount of waste you need collected and also work out ways to sell valuable waste.

Why do I need to separate waste?

Separated waste is worth more than co-mingled waste. Every year 30% of recyclable materials are sent to landfills because it has been contaminated. For example, paper sorted from collection points is often comingled with other materials such as cans or glass. If separated this could all be recycled.

Paper reprocessors need paper that has been specifically separated and are prepared to pay to get it. The same goes for companies who reprocess glass and cans. If you sort your waste, you can reduce contamination and increase value.

What is a waste reprocessor?

A waste reprocessor helps companies process and recycle their waste. Many packaging producers can’t physically recycle their own packaging waste. Reprocessors, or exporters, can recycle this waste.

To comply with EU regulations, they also sell Electronic Packaging Recovery Notes (e-PRN) and Electronic Packaging and Export Recovery Notes (e-PERN) and reinvest this income into recycling. Packaging producers will obtain e-PRNS and e-PERNS to show they have complied with their recycling obligations.

How can I separate my waste?

You must do it as soon as possible. You can also buy recycling bags which help you recycle as you go. Element Green Recycling sells the Green Pod which separates waste at home. It’s great for hotels and offices. Meanwhile, the Rubbermaid Recycling trolley is great for the collection and storage of waste in buildings with multiple offices. Home Recycling also has a wide range of recycling bins.

How do I encourage staff to recycle more?

Educate, and incentivise them to recycle more. For example, you could encourage recycling with a reward scheme and display posters reminding staff to recycle around the office. WRAP has developed some eye-catching posters which can be placed near bins reminding staff what they can and cannot recycle. Establish it as a clear company policy and reward those staff who comply.

How do I get the right waste courier?

Here are a few questions you should ask:

Do you have a waste carrier’s license? All businesses that collect waste from other organisations require a waste carrier license.

What can and can’t be recycled? Make sure you know precisely which materials can be recycled and how. 

What are your collection times? Make sure you know when waste will be collected. Some carriers offer a variety of options so you can choose the one which works for you.

How frequently will bins be empties? Depending on how much waste you collect it can be more cost-effective to have one large collection rather than several small collections.

Do you offer any incentives to maximise recycling? Some may offer incentives and deals to help you improve your recycling.

Can you offer training for my staff? Some carriers will provide training sessions for your staff. 

Do you have any communications materials such as leaflets or bin signs? If they have their own signs this can help with staff education.

Can I amend the service later? If your needs change, you might want to alter the deal or adjust the service at a later date.