Good Waste Management Practices cut Costs and Generate Revenue

All businesses regardless of size generate waste.  It is possible that much of this waste can be sold to waste collectors.  These are businesses which recycle waste ranging from common items such as glass and cans, to obscure electronics and metals. 

The idea behind this post is to give you the information on waste management that you can pass on to your UK business clients.  Providing information to your clients about cutting costs and increasing revenue will only grow your reputation as an excellent accountant.  So with this in mind read on and discover the information that will help you grow your reputation;

Business Waste Management Industry in the UK

Over the last ten years or so, the waste management industry has expanded rapidly.  Organisations and charities have launched promoting the circular economy in an attempt to produce zero waste among businesses.  This has now reached a point where waste courier companies now operate, collecting separated business waste for recycling.  They will often pay for the waste, and this is how your clients can increase their revenue.

How to Promote Good Business Waste Management Practices to Clients

There are several aspects to good waste management which you should highlight.  They are:

  • Valuable business waste is created by most businesses.  Glass, cans, and paper are all in demand.  The trick is to have suitable storage and to separate the waste.
  • Having a good sustainability recycling policy helps businesses win business.
  • Waste courier companies are easy to find.  There are some very good apps to find companies of this kind. 
  • Specialist waste such as electronics, metals, and even plastics are also in demand.
  • The pricing of waste is fairly transparent thanks to the waste stock market.
  • Business waste collection and recycling operate all over the UK.
  • Promoting recycling initiatives is often well received by staff in all companies.
  • At the very least your clients can save money on local authority collections for at least some of their waste.
  • There are a number of organisations dedicated to the circular economy and zero waste.  They offer advice and information to help businesses get started.  See our piece on the top ten organisations waste companies should know about.
  • Often waste couriers help businesses comply with legislation.  Providing your clients ensure waste collectors have the correct paperwork such as electronic packaging recovery notes, complying with legislation is easier.

Providing useful information to your clients

As well as boosting your reputation in the eyes of your clients, you will also be helping the circular economy and contributing to the objective of zero waste.  This worthwhile cause is already making a positive impact on recycling and reducing CO2 emissions.  In the future this work will no doubt have a bigger role to play.

The Green Alchemist

To really clinch the deal with your clients, show them the Green Alchemist App.  It has the waste stock market built-in which updates in real time, and it shows waste collection companies on a local and national scale. 

And don’t forget our blog! This is regularly updated with useful advice on maximising profits from waste.

Click here for more information, and feel free to contact us if you want any help promoting good waste management to your clients.