Halo Coffee Company Review

January 12, 2017

Welcome to the Halo Coffee company review. In this series of articles, we put the spotlight on businesses that we think are doing ambitious and honorable things for the environment. These features will cover things like corporate social responsibility, sustainability, green credentials, carbon reduction measures, recycling, reuse and reduction efforts, supply chain responsibility, and more.


Halo Coffee looks set to revolutionise the UK coffee market, re-engineering the very popular, yet wasteful, Nespresso coffee capsules that have been raising a lot of eyebrows in recent years. With compromise simply not an option, Halo introduced the world’s first 100% compostable paper capsule, sending a strong statement to coffee drinkers everywhere, saying ‘you don’t need to create plastic and metal waste with every Nespresso’. 


Score: 18%

World’s first 100% compostable paper coffee capsule (sugar cane, bamboo, and paper pulp) Very direct company literature that highlights the severity of the problem and looks to resolve the issue through awareness and a solution Working with an international network of environmental experts to improve every aspect of the agriculture, supply chain, and end product Made the capsules compatible with Nespresso Home Systems® so that new machines do not to be made to accommodate the capsules Created state of the art packaging that hasn’t been seen on the market before.  The packaging is completely recyclable with an oxygen barrier to keep the coffee fresh – one of the most difficult elements with a fresh coffee in a capsule Moved to Sustainable Bankside, Europe’s largest concentration of Sustainable businesses. All packaging conform to EN13432 standard External flow wrap film certified home compostable by Vincotte What do Halo Coffee think about sustainability? Well, in one press release they said “Like many coffee drinkers across the world we were dissatisfied with the capsule coffee industries practices and felt there was not enough investment being put into the development of more environmentally friendly and sustainable products that do good and taste great and that support the circular economy.”  

Green Credentials

Score: 17%

World’s first biodegradable capsule for coffee Also, the world’s first capsule makers to introduce the world’s rarest coffee in capsule form - Kopi Luwak Diamond beans Founded by Nils Leonard, the former Creative Chief at Grey London, UK Barista Championship judge Richard Hardwick, brewer David Foster, and the former Director of Nespresso, Andrew Richardson So far, Halo has not won any awards, but it is only a matter of time, especially considering the business was only started in 2017 Halo are founder members of the British Coffee Association Sustainability Committee Over time, we assume that due to the strength of their network, ambition, and potential, it won’t be long before they receive international recognition and their name is up among some of the world’s most sustainability brands. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Test

Score: 17%

The coffee that they sell is ‘Deterra’ and it is certified Rainforest Alliance The company is a very small team of investors who are trying to do things ethically Halo have an intern system in place helping people enter the ethical marketing field The first company to combine truly premium coffee quality with environmentally responsible capsules Halo Coffee is a small start up and so until they grow to a more considerable size, it’s perhaps unfair to truly judge their ‘corporate’ social responsibility. However, they are working very hard, doing things efficiently and ethically, and they are pioneering a big idea.

Carbon Footprint

Score: 16%

Created a compostable alternative to Nespresso pods which cause a huge carbon footprint issue in that an estimated 75% of them go to landfill Stickers sealing the box naturally break down into CO2, water and minerals Coffee from DaTerra in Brazil - the first farm in the world to be awarded a Rainforest Alliance Sustainability A grade - their highest. Halo Coffee, by default, in making a product that challenges traditional coffee capsules (which are incredibly bad for your personal carbon footprint) are redefining the industry and challenging the ideas that many take for granted. Each Halo Coffee capsule used offers far better carbon efficient properties, and as that grows and the companies is able to have a greater effect on the supply chain, we expect ever bigger things. 

Recycling, Reuse, Reduction

Score: 19%

Postal packaging is completely recyclable Repurposing packaging off-cuts Turning printing proofs into gift boxes Oxygen barrier, Halo box, sticky label, and insert are all compostable Packaging is made from bamboo, sugar cane, and paper pulp, and biodegrades within 90 days There doesn’t appear to be much more that Halo Coffee can do in this field, but instead of giving them a perfect score, we challenge them to keep on finding opportunities. If they can achieve all of this in the first couple of years, what could they achieve in the next few years?

Total Eco Score

Score: 87%