Buyer of Cardboard - Newark

We’re here to help companies reduce their impact on the environment. Partnering with manufacturers, we divert their Used Cardboard Boxes away from the recycling process, and re-distribute them to other companies looking to pack their products.
We’re a not for dividend company. Ethical in our approach and on a mission to disrupt the packaging industry. We’ve come a long way since Jack started with a stack of used cardboard boxes in his parents’ garage back in 2013.

Our simple three step process for selling your used boxes, we provide full training and specialist equipment.


1-Operative flat packs boxes and stacks onto pallets.

2-Full pallets are loaded onto a Reuseabox stand trailer. Once full we collect free of charge.

3-We buy your cardboard boxes! Reuseabox pays a rebate for every box reused which is fixed for 3 years.