How Recycling can Improve your UK Business

The Benefits of Recycling your Business Waste

Having a sustainability policy not only ensures you become part of the circular economy, but it also brings hidden benefits to your business.  In the UK there are dedicated organisations to improving and expanding recycling in the business sector.  (See our article: THE TOP TEN ORGANISATIONS ALL UK WASTE COMPANIES SHOULD KNOW ABOUT). 

They provide good insight into the UK business waste management industry.  If you want to benefit from recycling, it is a good idea to at least familiarise yourself with these organisations.

The idea behind this article is to explain what these business benefits are, and how you can use them to promote your UK business and brand.

How does Recycling improve my Business?

Recycling your business waste provides a stronger foundation to do the following:

Win Contracts

The fact is that if you have sustainability policies and a provable recycling system in operation, you will stand a much greater chance of winning new business.  It is becoming standard practice for companies to ask for sustainability policies as part of a tendering contract.  Being able to demonstrate business commitment to recycling and the environment puts you in a much stronger position to win the contract.

It is fair to say that if you do not contribute to the circular economy, you can kiss goodbye future work.

Brand Positively

Without question, all UK businesses benefit from showing they have made a commitment to the circular economy.  Sustainability has become more than a buzzword, as it is now possible to earn industry standard certification.  Depending on the awarding body, this is localised to specific industries.  For example, the ISO 20121 is a certification specific to the events industry.

Putting your certification as a badge on your marketing material, or even that you are a 'green business', will build your reputation as a 'green business'.  Consider listing business waste memberships, or your waste collection partners to improve your branding.  You will be better perceived, and your chances of winning business will be that much better.

Conversely, not having some form of waste management in operation could see your business earn a 'bad reputation'.  In this day and age in the UK, you could find that does irreparable damage.

Boost Morale among your Workforce

Although some industry experts believe cost cutting can be complicated where business waste management is concerned it doesn't have to be.  Most human beings want to save the planet, and so recycling schemes are well received by staff in most businesses.  As a result, productivity rise as morale improves. 

Cut Costs/Save Money by Recycling Business Waste

The key to cutting costs and making money from your business waste is to know where licenced waste collectors reside, how they operate, and what waste they collect.  For the majority of your waste, paper, glass, cans, etc., the chances are there is someone willing to collect it.  Especially if you are prepared to separate it.  (See our post:HOW TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS WASTE).

There are also specialised collectors dealing with business waste such as electronics and metals, together with other types of industrial waste materials.

Manage your UK Business Waste

To get the full picture of how you can become a greener business through managing your waste, register your business with us.  You will gain access to the waste stock market via our Green Alchemist app.  The waste stock market tells you how much your waste is worth.  It will also provide you with the location of waste collectors together with their contact details. 

Soon, you will be able to negotiate good deals with your waste collection partners, and show a commitment to the circular economy.  Visit this page: Manage business waste and register.