Saving money and sustaining the future – the green approach


Every year the UK produces around 26 million tonnes of waste but fortunately about 12 million tonnes of this massive amount is then recycled. This equates to 45% whereas the recycling rate in 2000 was just 11% so clearly both consumers and businesses have stepped up to the mark and adopted a greener approach to the way in which their waste is handled.

Whilst this is a huge step towards a more sustainable future, that percentage could be even higher in years to come if households and companies realised that selling material that can be recycled can present a viable additional income stream.

Obviously, some entrepreneurs have already discovered that they can use certain material that they have at their disposal to increase liquidity whether that be scrap metal, plastic, cardboard or paper but we can help everyone to leverage their waste to tap into a source of additional funds.

Rising Requirement for Recyclable Material

So, what are the benefits of buying recyclable material to repurpose it? Well, for a start since the market is fairly competitive these products are often cheaper so it makes commercial sense to take the recyclable route. In fact, some highly recognisable brands such as Zara, Apple, Currys PC World, H&M and Nike are already following this trend and thus contributing to the ‘circular economy’ within the UK. The objective of a circular economy is to design out waste and ensure that products and materials are kept in use by adopting a constantly recycling approach so not only does this make financial sense, it most certainly benefits the environment too.

The Alchemy of Today

Alchemy has, of course, been around since medieval times when it was used to change basic material such as metal into another substance and alchemists also used the same approach to try to find a way of prolonging life indefinitely. And today the concept of green alchemy attempts much the same thing – to prolong the life of materials through recycling.

As we’ve already mentioned, some big businesses have discovered the advantages of this approach but there’s no reason why, with our help and innovative platform, smaller companies and individuals can’t also benefit by making the most of what is readily at their disposal.

We have created a huge online marketplace whose sole purpose is to connect buyers and sellers of recyclable materials. At the moment we focus on four specific sectors:




Scrap metal

Easy to Use, Efficient and Straightforward

So what could the green alchemy approach do for you? Every household and every business generates a certain and often significant level of recyclable waste and every commercial operation is always looking for cost-effective ways to improve its competitive edge.

So, if you or your business generate a sizeable amount of recyclable waste, even if it’s just one particular product, wouldn’t it be great for both you and the environment to have a centralised, single point of contact that would enable you to sell whatever that waste material is whether it’s scrap metal or plastic.

And for buyers of recyclable material such as waste paper, instant access to a supply of whatever is needed and at the most competitive prices will give them the benefit of the least expensive while also benefiting the environment too.

Become a Member and Reap the Benefits

To fully utilise the website, you’ll need to complete the registration process and create a unique profile following which you’ll be able to access constantly updating lists of buyers and sellers as well as waste couriers in your area.

If you’re a seller, there’s the advantage of posting details of recyclable material that will appeal to a very specific market whereas if you’re a buyer, you can browse and search for whatever products you require.

One unique aspect is that whether you’re a buyer or a seller you can access real-time prices so you can easily produce a quote or make sure your project stays on budget.

You can also easily arrange collection dates and times to ensure the entire process is seamless and that timeframes are met.

We’ve got everything covered from giving access to up-to-the minute scrap metal prices to finding someone reliable for the collection of anything from paper to PVC products with all the information you need accessible with the click of a button.

Isn’t it time you joined the UK recycling industry that is currently valued at £21.2 billion pounds and help to increase the percentage of the waste that’s recycled every year at the same time?