How to make money and sell your Glass


Glass is one of the most recycled materials on the planet.  This is due to having thousands of applications and as such is often thrown away.  The industrial process to recycle glass is straight forward and for every six tons of glass we recycle, we save about one ton of carbon dioxide.  As such glass is in demand and this creates an opportunity for you to sell your glass or at the very least have it collected for no charge.

How to make money selling your Glass

To make money selling your glass you need to find someone who wants to buy it.  Waste couriering is a rising industry.  They collect recycled materials and sell them on to businesses and organisations that need them.  Glass is one of the most in demand materials.

Cometh the Hour to find Waste Couriers Cometh The Green Alchemist

Before The Green Alchemist was launched finding waste couriers to collect materials such as Glass, was a time consuming online, or Yellow Pages hunt.  Thankfully, simply by registering with The Green Alchemist selling glass and other waste has become a simple and quick affair.

The Green Alchemist will:

  • Help you find waste couriers who are interested in your glass on both a local and national level.  This is done using intuitive search tools that help you makes finding couriers easy
  • Tell you if your waste is valuable and the current going rate for your glass and other waste.  This also gives you a good position to negotiate a price for valuable waste
  • Give you full contact details of the waste courier

With more and more waste couriers signing up to The Green Alchemist the process becomes faster every day.

Separating your waste Glass

Often, you will find waste couriers like you to separate your waste glass by type, which is generally by colour.  So getting your organisation thinking on these lines is essential to sell your glass.  This is simply finding containers that allow you to put brown glass in one container, green in another, and so on and so forth.  Some waste couriers may even provide these if your output is high.

Cutting Costs at the Very Least

Should you not find that your glass is valuable, you should still be able to negotiate a deal to have your glass collected for free.  This reduces the costs local authorities will charge you for collecting your waste, as there is less of it for them to collect.

The Green Alchemist helping you Market your Business

As selling your glass is contributing positively to the zero waste economy, you can and should use this to market your business to your target audience.  It also scores points on Corporate Social Responsibility audits.

Register now with The Green Alchemist and Sell your Glass

The time to act is now and start selling your glass and your recyclable waste to waste couriers.  Register now with The Green Alchemist.  It will make your business more profitable and you will be saving the planet.