Take Inspiration from Fashion Recycling Week to Commoditise your Waste

Later this month, retailer H&M and the London College of Fashion are poised to launch ‘Fashion Recycling Week’.  The event runs from the 31st August to 6th September.  The idea is that fashion students will create window installations using clothes that have been collected from the public as part of H&M’s garment collecting initiative.  The initiative was established to reduce waste in the fashion industry by repurposing unwanted clothes.

These designs will then later be displayed in eight H&M stores across the UK and Ireland. 

So this begs the question, what can you do with your waste, and how can you turn it into a commodity?

How to Turn your Waste into a Commodity

To use your waste as a commodity you need to do think about the following aspects:

Who Wants your Waste? – Waste collection businesses are being established all the time. This is because waste is a commodity and depending on the type a valuable one.  Identifying what waste is in demand before you start storing it is advisable.  Ask questions such as what separation of waste they require, and indeed do they collect your waste.

Storage – Storing waste requires space and staff training.  There is a range of space saving, recycling products on the market.  They not only make recycling easier, but they make it easy for your staff to recycle.  The Green Pod is one such product and is designed for all types of waste.  There are others as well.

When thinking about storage, it is important that you can separate glass by colour, and sometimes cardboard from paper.  Check with the waste courier and follow their instructions.

Transportation – Are the waste collectors going to come and get your waste, or will you have to get it to their plant? Most waste couriers will collect your waste.  Some may not, however, so ensure you know your facts.

Pricing – The price of waste should also be taken into consideration.  Not all waste is going to be paid for by waste couriers, but they will collect it for free.  At the very least you will be able to save on local authority waste collections. 

Also, you may not beware but a waste stock market exists which tracks the price of your waste.  This enables you to negotiate the going rate and not under-price it.

Getting up and running is quite easy with a little creative thought.  Most people want to save the planet, and you will find your staff will be enthusiastic about new measures to do so.

Businesses Throwing Away Money

When local authorities collect your waste, they are eating into your potential profits and creating costs.  Smarter businesses, have realised the best way forward is to ensure that they make and save as much money as possible from their waste.

The Green Alchemist - the app that Saves you Time and Money

The Green Alchemist is an app that can help you track down waste couriers for your specific waste, and provide real time pricing information.  It also provides the contact details of local and national waste couriers. 

It empowers businesses to sell their recyclable waste and to make better recycling decisions. Register today.

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