Universities, are you throwing away Cash?

Every year the UK recycles about eight million tonnes of paper and cardboard.  Although this figure is high this only represents 67% of the amount of paper waste we throw away.  For plastics, we produce 5 million tonnes of plastic a year, but we recycle a lot less although this figure is improving all the time.  The purpose of this article is to show how you can turn your business waste into a valuable and profitable commodity.

The Waste your University Creates could generate an Income

As with all big institutions, the amount of waste generated by universities up and down the country is considerable.  Thousands of students and hundreds of staff manage to create a lot of rubbish!  Most of which can be used to generate revenue.  Paper, plastic, and glass, are all materials which can be recycled again and again.  It is also the types of materials the average university disposes of all the time.  If you’re not recycling this waste, the chances are you throwing away the opportunity to generate cash.

Welcome to the Waste Stock Market

Due to improvements in recycling technology and the positive impacts on the environment, the waste collection industry is flourishing.  For nearly every type of waste you can think of from newspaper to electronics, there is a waste collector business waiting to collect it.  Often, the company will pay you for your waste, and this provides you with an opportunity to make money from the everyday paper and plastic waste you throw away.

The waste stock market provides you with the current price of your waste by type.  As prices change due to demand, the waste stock market price is forever fluctuating.  Keeping pace with the price is important when negotiating a good deal for your waste.

Find Waste Collectors for your Plastic and Paper Waste

From drinks bottles, to newspapers, waste collectors are in operation right now looking for this type of waste.  People who work outside of the circular economy are surprised just how many waste collection companies are in operation locally. 

Once you have accessed the waste stock market it is time to find a waste collector.  For the everyday recyclable waste, there are probably several to choose from.  This is good news as it will give you a more competitive price for your paper and plastic waste.

Bringing the Recycling Process Together

To help you become a greener university and to generate revenue the Green Alchemist app will help you find outlets to sell your waste.  It is important to separate your waste by type; plastic, paper, glass by colour, and this is normally a straight forward process for most universities as they have the facilities to do so.

Once your waste is separated, the app plugs into the waste stock market in real time.  It provides up to date pricing information for your waste, and it provides the contact details of waste collectors for the types of waste you have.  This not only speeds up the process, but it makes easier for you to get your recycling off the ground.

The Green Alchemist costs less than you might imagine, and can easily be slotted into an existing budget.  To begin, click here and register by completing the form.  It is time to stop throwing away money.


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