Utilise Better Waste Collection Services

Regardless of the type of organisation you work for, it can benefit from better waste management.  As you read this post, organisations and charities are working hard to promote the circular economy and zero waste among businesses.  This idea that everything can be reused and resources harvested in an environmentally conscientious way is growing both in popularity and practicality. 

As such you have an opportunity to use the companies that have sprung up in wake of the circular economy to reduce costs and generate revenue from the items you regularly throw away.  Read on and discover how to do it.

Every day Waste that Generates Revenue

If an organisation needs a facilities manager, it must generate plenty of waste.  Right now UK business waste collection companies are looking for the following materials:

  • Paper
  • Glass – all colours
  • Plastics – packaging, food containers
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Building materials
  • Electronics

In fact, if you’re throwing it away it is probably valuable to somebody.

Do you generate this kind of waste?

The answer of course is yes.  In fact, if you’re throwing it away it is probably valuable to somebody.  The next question is how do you sell it or at least have it collected for zero or low cost?

Waste collection companies want waste which is separated and clean.  Normally schools, universities, hospitals, and council premises have the space to separate their waste.  Given the importance of the environment and recycling, staff are normally predisposed to do anything that helps this cause of saving the planet through lowering CO2.  This should make it easier for you to clean and separate your waste.

The next step is to research waste collection companies and discover what they collect.  Although a good search engine can help, it is far quicker and subsequently more cost effective to use the Green Alchemist App.  As it is low cost, working it into a budget should not be a problem.

How the Green Alchemist Assists Facilities Waste Management

The Green Alchemist essentially takes care of two things.  They are:

  • It plugs into the waste stock market giving you up to date pricing of your waste.  This puts you in a position to negotiate a good deal for your organisation.
  • It shows the contact details and location of waste collectors on a local and national level.  In theory two or three phone calls and you are ready to cut costs and make money on your waste, especially glass and paper.

As it pulls in every waste collector in the country for your particular type of waste, you may find that you are in a position to analyse and compare quotes.   Once again you are in a good position.

Getting Started with Recycling

The key factor here to remember is that recycling your waste at the very least cuts costs.  To most budget holders this is music to their ears.  You may hold budgets yourself, and if you do you will know as well as anyone how good it is to save money.

To learn more about the Green Alchemist, saving money, generating revenue, the circular economy, and zero waste, click here.  It will be an education.