The Organisations that help UK Waste Companies

Although UK waste companies are often bogged down in legislation and complex operating procedures, there are several companies that can help make running the business that little bit easier.  In this post we countdown the top ten waste management organisations that should be on speed dial or at the very least be in your email address book.

10 - Skip Hire Magazine

Skip Hire Magazine has been running for nearly ten years and has been featured on Have I Got News for you.  The publishers wanted to bring skip hire and the waste management community together by providing useful information on regulation updates, insurances, and changes in the law, together with humorous elements such as Skip Hunk of the Month.

The magazine has evolved and has been featured on BBC radio thanks largely to their opinions on the environment.  Skip Hire Magazine is read by 7000 people a month, and many of them are workers for UK waste companies.  Essential reading.

9 - Resource Association

The Resource Association main aim is to highlight the value UK waste companies bring to Great Britain.  As such they are currently looking to work with trade associations in the business of waste management and recycling.  Their website showcases their opinion on events in the industry, and they provide their own opinion on developments within the recycling and reprocessing industries.

If you are involved in a UK waste company, you may want to apply for membership.

8 - The Environmental Services Association

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) is the trade association of the Resource and Waste Management Industry.  The ESA concerns itself with turning waste into a valuable resource and according to their website the industry is achieving this goal.

 7 - MRW

Materials Recycling World offers a vast array of industry news, key market reports, and data-trends from across the industry.  It has a high readership, and covers every aspect you can think of for recycling.  To get the full picture, including tendering information for large contracts, you need to subscribe.  Something many UK waste companies have done.


The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee has been established for over thirty years, and lobby and campaigns on behalf of local authorities in the recycling and waste management arenas.  LARAC have their finger on the pulse for their particular field and UK waste companies use their site to keep up to date with changes in the law that might affect business.

5 - Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is a worldwide organisation that partners organisations around the globe, and helps guide them to being more sustainable.  Their ultimate goal is to change society, governments, and businesses to make a low carbon economy and in doing so achieve a 100% sustainability. 

The trust employs 160 experts around the world to try and make this happen.

4 -

This highly useful magazine website offers very practical information, such as news, job vacancies, plant and vehicle hire, and careers advice in waste management to name but a few.  They attend and host seminars and their editorial team have twenty years plus waste management experience.  The real deal clincher with this site from UK waste companies' point of view is that unlike many others on this list the use of the site is free.

3 - Wrap

Needless to say we are not talking about a type of food, but a registered charity that not only focuses on recycling but how we design, build, and sell products.  The charity forges partnerships with UK waste companies and recycling businesses which come up with new innovative ways at managing what we throw away. 

The site features jobs and contracts to tender for, as well as sections on obtaining funding if you are a UK organisation.

2 - CIWM

The Chartered Institute of Waste Management is the professional body for anyone working in the UK waste management arena.  So if you are working for a UK waste company, it could be worth applying for membership.  The CIWM represents 7000 people and campaigns on behalf of the industry, targeting government departments and influential politicians. 

The website has plenty of news and publications which are useful to UK waste companies.

And finally...coming in at number one...

1 - RMW Exhibition

Although not technically an organisation, this exhibition showcases the best of the best in the resource efficiency and waste management.  Held at Birmingham's NEC on the 15th-17th September 2015, the exhibition will be a fountain of knowledge to every individual and company connected to the industry.

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